The Ultimate Qualities Your Car Needs To Get A Pink Slip In Artarmon

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Be it a first-time vehicle owner or a ‘gear-head,’ everyone needs an pink slip in Artarmon to be able to drive legally. Having your car inspected by experts on a regular basis is your legal responsibility. Or else, the car may not be deemed registrable by the authorities. Thankfully, these inspection processes […]

Be it a first-time vehicle owner or a ‘gear-head,’ everyone needs an pink slip in Artarmon to be able to drive legally. Having your car inspected by experts on a regular basis is your legal responsibility. Or else, the car may not be deemed registrable by the authorities. Thankfully, these inspection processes aren’t too difficult to pass. If your car is in top condition, you can get a pink slip in no time. Still, confused? Here’s all that car owners need to know about pink slips.

What are Pink Slips?

Contrary to belief, pink slips aren’t always pink in colour. These notes come in different colours. They’re also known as ‘eSafety checks.’ Essentially, these slips are official notes or letters from your mechanic. The certified mechanic states that your vehicle is in perfect shape and fit to be driven on busy roads on these notes/letters.

All cars require pink slips to be legal after they cross a certain age. For more detailed information, read – What Are the Pink Slips?

What Happens When You Go for an eSafety Check? 

Certified mechanics will inspect your car. If the inspection process is successful as in there are no major issues with your vehicle, the mechanic will issue an official  Artarmon pink slip. If not, the mechanic will hand you a list of repairs or upgrades your vehicle will need to be deemed ‘roadworthy.’ eSafety checks or pink slips are mandatory for all light vehicles that are over the age of five years.

The NSW government introduced this measure to facilitate smooth registration renewals. All the results of these inspections are digitally logged with the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services).

What are My Legal Responsibilities if I Don’t Get a Pink Slip? 

No car owner is under a legal obligation to get the repairs recommended by the certified mechanic. Technically, you can simply stop driving the vehicle that the mechanic deemed unroadworthy. However, driving unroadworthy vehicles is illegal. Bear in mind – your vehicle’s performance record is in possession of the Roads and Maritime Services’ officers. They can check the outcome of your vehicle inspection any time they want.

Since these records are available digitally, it only takes a few seconds for an officer to check whether your car is roadworthy or not. So, if you don’t get a pink slip, either avoid driving that unroadworthy car or get the repairs recommended by the certified mechanic!

What are the Areas of Inspection?

Before getting an Artarmon pink slip, car owners can check certain aspects of their cars. By doing so, they can avoid waiting at their mechanics and ensure that their cars get the much-coveted pink slip. Here’s the pink slip checklist all car owners must know –

  • Make Sure Your Vehicle’s Body is In Perfect Shape

Does a car’s exterior or its body make it less or more roadworthy? Certainly! After all, cars that are rusting or have disintegrating exteriors are likely to face functional issues in the future. That’s why certified mechanics always check for rust damage on cars’ exteriors. They also look for signs of broken paint (an indicator of an inattentive driver!) and or for bubbles in the paint.

  • The Vehicle’s Doors

Your car’s doors may not be important to you, but they are important to the government! Cars with malfunctioning doors can cause major problems for the car owner and for other drivers on the road. That’s why to get a pink slip, all doors of your car need to be in perfect working conditions. The mechanic assesses every aspect of the doors – from the door controls to the doors’ ability to open/close securely from inside and out. Some mechanics even check whether the doors can be locked and unlocked properly.

  • Wipers

If your car’s wipers don’t easily remove water, you can get into an accident while it is raining. That’s why certified mechanics don’t tolerate any damage to either wiper. Even if there are small amounts of water spurting onto your windscreen, the mechanic will advise you to get a repair. You should resolve such a minor issue before paying a visit to the authorised inspection station.

  • Light Sources

Every light source in your car needs to be perfectly functional for you to qualify for a pink slip. So, before taking your car to an authorised inspection station, make sure these lights are perfect –

  1. Reverse Lights
  2. Brake Lights
  3. Fog Lights
  4. Indicator Lights
  5. Headlights

Not only do these lights need to be in perfect working order, but they also must not be dim. After all, you and other drivers on the road need to be able to view these lights clearly in order to drive safely.

  • Seatbelts

As long as your car’s seat belts lock and retract properly, you’re good to go. Still, it’s better to check your car seatbelt’s anchor points, retractors, and seatbelt locks before going for an inspection. Make sure there aren’t any apparent signs of wear and tear.

  • Oil Leaks

Before going for an inspection, check if there are any visible oil leaks in your car. Oil or radiator leaks are major red-flags for mechanics. These auto repair experts even check for exhaust system leaks. So, it’s better to get your car degreased regularly. Also, make sure there aren’t any engine or driveline fluid leaks. For a more nuanced explanation about these requirements, read – The Best Checklists for Passing the Artarmon Pink Slip.

  • Exhaust System

To qualify for an Artarmon pink slip, your car’s exhaust system needs to be perfect. All mechanics have been advised to treat eco-friendliness very seriously. That’s why anything bad coming out of your exhaust system makes your car unroadworthy in the current environment.

  • Tyre Health

All four tyres of your car must have a 1.5mm tread-depth (the minimum requirement). Other than that, tyres that aren’t in awful shape or don’t have exposed canvases are quickly verified by the mechanic.

  • Brake Efficiency 

Certified mechanics also conduct brake efficiency tests to ensure your car is not prone to sudden skids.

Light vehicle pink slips are only valid for six months, so keep these requirements in mind!

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