2022 Toyota GR86 | Performance Car Review

Breadcrumb Trail Links Road Tests Performance Vehicles Toyota’s interpretation of the affordable two-by-two coupe is all kinds of fun 2022 Toyota GR86 Photo by Stephanie Wallcraft Article content Yes, it’s true: the Toyota GR86 is mostly a Subaru BRZ. Let’s get that air cleared right off the top. It’s an important […]

Toyota Kluger 2021 review: GX

Christel Deskins

Ronaldo and Rivaldo, Venus and Serena, Lillee and Thomson… Kluger and Prado – all dominant, era-defining duos. Okay, that last pair isn’t known on the football pitch, tennis court, or cricket field. But like those famous sporting combinations, Toyota’s large SUV siblings continue to complement each other in cutting a […]