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Promoting Sustainable Transportation with Urban Planning Solutions

Willy Urias

Every week, over one million individuals relocate from rural to urban areas or cities globally, putting a huge demand on the existing infrastructures, especially transport systems. Booming towns and cities require a contemporary mobility system that can transport the growing population without harming the environment. Several actors, including local and […]

Is Your Fleet Ready For An EV Conversion?

Willy Urias

Three major basics of EV are undeniable. They save carbon time, carbon emissions, and money. Although they present a straightforward solution, fleet managers must first research, do a road test, and then vet them for their performance. In the past few years, available models and makes have increased, whereas the […]

Nope, Vehicle-Personal loan Delinquencies and Repos Are Not “Exploding”: They Rose from Document Lows and Are Nevertheless Traditionally Lower

The stability of financial loans & leases outstanding rose on a great deal bigger vehicle prices but substantially reduce sales volume. By Wolf Richter for WOLF Avenue. In 2020 and 2021, buyers employed their stimulus revenue and excess unemployment advantages and their PPP financial loans and the income still left over from not […]

2022 BMW X3 M40i review

BMW has been expanding its SUV stable of late, thanks to the addition of cars like the iX. However, there’s still a place in the hearts of many drivers for the X3, long hailed as an excellent SUV option for those that want a mix of luxury and sportiness. For […]

VFACTS: July 2022 car sales figures

Australia’s monthly car sales (meaning deliveries) steadied in July, showing 0.4 per cent growth over the same month last year despite ongoing stock shortages and wait lists. Industry database VFACTS reports 84,461 sales for the first month of the new financial year, against 84,161 in July of 2021. Given there […]